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Bitcoin Mining With GPU

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GPU mining is different from CPU and Hard disk here you can earn from Rs.1000\- to Rs.2000\- a day depend on the selected GPU which you’re going to use. The cost for this types of GPU are also costly and with increae in demand of bitcoin the seller had increased the price from it original cost. GPU which are available in markets are AMD and Nvidea with there latest product for mining.

AMD have some of the Product like RX460, RX 470 , RX480 , RX550, RX 560, RX570, RX 580. Currently with increase in demand of RX 400 series the company had stopped manufacturing and started with RX500 series. RX series are good for mining Entherum and Zecash too and they are fast.

Now move towards the Nvidea Series which are GTX 1050, GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti , GTX 1070Ti and also the latest product. Nvidea are costly graphic card than AMD and are easy available online shopping sites like Amazon. This cards are good for Zecash mining.

When it comes to electricity it cost lot but in exchange it gives more profit.

Software require for Mining

Software is the most important for CPU mining the software is the “Nicehash software”, “Minergate” , nanopool, etc. with these software you start you’re mining .


is very easy to use and is free of cost just have to download it and install on the laptop or on the computer and you are done with nicehash you are going to get the payments in term of Bitcoin and not with other coin like Zecash or Entherum Coin that why it is good for mining and also friendly to use but before you start mining you should have a Bitcoin Wallet with You or you won’t able to receive the bitcoin click here to learn how to creat a wallet.

MinerGate Softwre

It is also too easy to use and is freely available on the website and which can be downloaded from it. And is also very easy to install. Just click on the highlighted link and you are done. Don’t have to enter the wallet just register and do write it down you’re Singup details like mail id and passwords somewhere in face place in order not to lose it. And start mining as this software is require registration to start the mining and you can check you’re status on the Minergate site desktop. Here you can mine multiple coin as per you’re preference.  Click here to learn how to mine using the Minegate Softwre


You don’t have to register or have to do anything just have to visit the sites and simple download the software you require and start mining which ever coin you are interested in and payment is automated once you reach the minimum payout. It is that simple

In this way you can actually start you’re mining

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