Types of Bitcoin Mining

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Types of Bitcoin Mining

Previously mining was done or can be mine only with the specialized machine like  Antminer A3 which is too costly but now the software developer and manufacturing unit has change the way of producing the product and software. they had come with GPU, CPU and also with Hard disk mining now anyone can mine bitcoin with the CPU and GPU and also with hard disk with the help of freely availed software, by downloading and installing them on the computer

You can also mine with computer and also on the laptop.

Mining Machine or Hardware

Mining with GPU

Hardware or you can say money machine are GPU, CPU and Hard disk. with this machine you can earn a lot of money without any problem but with a little care. GPU you can earn lot more compare to CPU and Hard disk, but they are cost effective than CPU and Hard disk. GPU give you a lot more option for mining with GPU you can mine almost 10 or more coin easily without any problem. As before begin you must know that with GPU you are not mining the bitcoins but other coins, which you can afterwards exchange with the bitcoin. but there are also some of the company or software which are freely available which pay you directly in bitcoin instead of other coin. It also cost lot for the electricity but pay you lot. Click here to also learn how to mine with CPU.

Mining with CPU

With CPU you can mine not much like GPU but you can get enough coin for you daily expenditure and even you don’t have to purchase a new processor for mining specially. You can use the available CPU. It will also cost you a less electricity. and is easy to mine without any interruption. With CPU you can mine only two or three coins and it also depend on the type of processor you are using like AMD or Intel and also it generation and also the speed of it. Click here to also learn how to mine with CPU.

Mining with Hard disk

You can also mine with the Hard disk and you can earn more and you don’t require a lot power with little electricity cost you can mine lot it better than CPU and in some cases with GPU also as it cost you less electricity. But in order to mine you require lot more space like 2TB , 4TB , 8TB hard disk and also with more quantity. With Hard disk you can mine only one currency or Coin that is burst coin. Hard disk can be easily available on online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon or ebay. Click here to also learn how to mine with Hard disk.

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