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Riser Card Adapter SATA Cable Latest: Honest Review from

As people now a day doing only one job that is Bitcoin Mining. In order to earn the money in exchange of the bitcoin. And some are even don’t know how they can extent the use of the graphic cards.

Even some people are also don’t know how to remove the Graphic cards from the PCEI slot safely and they damage the slot also learn how to remove the graphic cards safely.

Here you’re going to learn about the riser, why one should use the riser cards only, how to connect them and from where they can get the Riser cards.

About the Riser Card Adapter

Riser card adapter are specially designed for the extending the use of the graphic cards slot. When you’re installing the Riser cards you don’t require any driver. And also when you’re purchasing the Riser one should always remember that the “SMPS” you are using should have sata pin power connector as the Riser require the power connector to power it up.

No need to install any driver or software. As the driver get install automatically by default. It is also very easy to handle and it is also safe for your cards as it come with the fixed buckle.

Riser is also easy to remove the graphic cards and fixed and it will safe guards your graphic card from falling it off from the slot which is good for every miner as it come with the safety fixed buckle.

They provide the better connectivity and also the long life as they come with the gold plated contacts.

Why one should use the riser Cards only.

Riser card adapter is very easy to install and connect without any problems.

This is also the safest way to protect your inbuilt slot which you get with the motherboard.

In certain case if you’re using the high end graphic cards like RX480, RX570, RX580, GTX1050Ti, GTX1060Ti, GTX1070, GTX1080, GTX1080Ti. As this types of graphic require the high voltage and even if you’re mining 24 hrs. It can damage your PCEI Slot. But with the help of Riser card adapter you can be safe with the PCEI. As they reduce the burden on the motherboard to accept the video card and provide the safety from damaging / burning the motherboard.

How to connect them

They are very much easy to connect to the graphic cards and also to the PCEI slot.

Riser come in three parts’ those are: –

  • Riser cards adapter,
  • USB 3.0 and
  • the Sata cable for the power connection to the rise cards.

watch the full video to learn how to connect the riser card.


From where You can get the Riser cards

Anyone can get the riser cards from the online sites like Amazon. There are different types of company which provide the Riser check it out right now if you had not at ordered. Even no need to worries regarding when you’re ordering from Amazon site, the Riser as if you’re going to receive the damage product or if you had received the product which is non supported you can ask for replacement and even for refund. You can safe in both sway from shopping online sites like amazon. Watch the video to learn how to order the Riser Cards from online sites.

video coming soon…..

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